About The Seven Hills Foundation

The Seven Hills Foundation mission is to promote and encourage the empowerment of people with significant challenges so that each may pursue their highest possible degree of personal well-being and independence.

Seven Hills Foundation works to advance and sponsor rehabilitative, housing, educational, healthcare, social, and related services on behalf of person with physical, developmental, emotional, or other life challenges.

Seven Hills Foundation currently offers program sites at 125 locations throughout Massachusetts employing nearly 2,000 professionals. Seven Hills Foundation offers a continuum of support and services to 26,000 individuals with disabilities and life challenges through affiliate organizations that are part of the Foundation. The following is a list of the affiliates and brief descriptions regarding the supports and services that each provide.

Seven Hills Behavioral Health (SHBH) was formed through the merger of the Center for Human Services (CHS), PYCO, and Psychiatric Management. CARF-accredited, Seven Hills Behavioral Health has over 35 years’ experience providing a wide range of social and human services including substance abuse counseling and intervention; community mental health treatment for children and adults; methadone treatment; medication management; case management; home-based counseling; HIV/AIDS prevention and education, testing and counseling, residential services, and case management; family support services; educational programs for first-generation and at-risk children; a Safe Child Visitation Center; outreach activities; advocacy; and other community-based services to culturally diverse communities throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. All of Seven Hills Behavioral Health programs are customized to individual’s needs in an environment that is caring and supportive.

Seven Hills Clinical Associates operates the Seven Hills Academy at Devens, MA that provides individualized educational and behavioral development programs for students ages seven to twenty-two. Students participate in a full school day program and return to their homes in the afternoon. Additionally, Seven Hills Clinical Associates provides School Support Transition Services (SSTS) and an After School Program at the Transitional Education Center located at the Carl Gordon Lodge in Worcester, MA. The SSTS Program is designed for students approaching the age of 22 to transition from school to work by teaching vocational skills and vital independent living skills. The After School Program focuses on the younger population and offers a schedule of structured activities each day. Seven Hills Clinical Associates also provides school support in the form of assessment of students and clinical expertise. Seven Hills Clinical Associates provides consultative services to Early Intervention providers, as well as providing a critical resource within the collaborative school districts. Clinicians affiliated with Seven Hills Clinical Associates are widely sought to act on an independent assessment consultative basis. Seven Hills Clinical Associates manages four Children’s Residential Homes.

Seven Hills Community Services supports people with disabilities, in partnership with families, friends, neighbors, and the community.  For over 35 years, Seven Hills Community Services has provided residential living opportunities in the form of group homes, to individuals in need of many different levels of support. Seven Hills Community Services works toward building the skills, resources, and courage necessary for each individual we support to enjoy the pleasures and responsibilities afforded to all people. Vineyard Employment Options, a program of Seven Hills Community Services exists with the goal of offering support services in the areas of developing careers and employment opportunities for people with disabilities on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Islands.

Seven Hills Disability Resources & Advocacy is the advocacy and information affiliate of Seven Hills Foundation. Seven Hills Disability Resources & Advocacy helps individuals and families exercise their rights and assists them to secure services in the areas of education, housing, medical treatments, legal representation, and recreational opportunities. Seven Hills Disability Resources & Advocacyprovides support by sponsoring young adult self advocates in their pursuit of independence and autonomy in the community in which they live. Advisors work closely with 15 person teams to build communication skills, independence, and self-empowerment within each individual member.

Seven Hills Family Services offers a network of services that support families and assist their loved ones with disabilities in achieving the highest quality of life and providing a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and community involvement.Adult Day Health provides nursing care, activities of daily living, and a variety of on-site and community-based therapeutic, social, and recreational activities. Day Habilitation Services are conducted in community-based settings and provide adults with functional life-skills training integrated with occupational, physical, and speech therapy activities, nursing care, and behavioral support. Day Habilitation offerings include the Therapeutic Work Options (TWO) at sites in West Boylston and Worcester and the People Exploring Possibilities (PEP) in Worcester. CareerSource provides job training, placement services, and ongoing subcontract work opportunities through programs to include Community-Based Day Support; Competitive Employment Placement; Integrated Site Placement and Training; and Facility-Based Employment and Job Training.Shared Living provides permanent residential care with a well-matched, professionally trained Shared Living Provider who welcomes adults with developmental disabilities into their homes and lives. Overnight Respite Care is provided in respite houses or in a family-based setting to adults with disabilities and their families for short-term, 24-hour care. Hourly Respite Care provides 1:1 or small group supervision for social and recreational community activities for children and adults.Sports, Recreation, and Leisure provides children and adults with organized recreational activities, competitive physical activities, and sports that encourage teamwork, strengthen individual skills and coordination, and build confidence.

Seven Hills Pediatric Center is a pediatric skilled nursing community located in Groton, MA. Seven Hills Pediatric Centerprovides comprehensive health care, therapy, and education in a residential community setting to children and young adults with complex medical and developmental needs. The compassion and loving community established by the staff atSeven Hills Pediatric Center offer an alternative for care to families struggling with the medical challenges of caring for children with numerous medical needs in their homes. The compassion and caring, so much a part of Seven Hills Pediatric Center, are what make it home to the children and young adults that live there.

Children’s Aid & Family Service (CAFS) supports income-eligible families throughout Worcester County in their pursuit of a successful life/work balance. Child Care Resources (CCR)provides Voucher Day Care, which locates child care for participants in the MA Department of Transitional Assistance jobs program and families receiving funding through income-eligible slots. The Resource and Referral program locates child care services for corporations and the general public. Family Day Care provides year-round child care and education to children in a home-based setting. Providers care for up to ten children per home, ages six weeks to ten years. The Child Care Center, accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), provides center-based, year-round child care and education for up to 84 children ages 15 mos. to five years. Counseling Services include The Family Counseling Center which provides counseling, psychological treatment, and medication management to help families cope with and overcome issues such as teenage anger, alcohol dependency, depression, and anxiety; Divorce Support and Seminars which provide mediation, education, and transitional assistance to families experiencing the stages of divorce; and Employee Assistance offering counseling, and Wellness and Stress Management seminars to employees dealing with personal issues that are affecting work performance.

Integrated Clinical Solutions provides quality, cost-effective, creative services to individuals with disabilities who have complex clinical profiles residing in community settings.Integrated Clinical Solutions specialization is providing services to individuals, families, and organizations working with individuals who have previously been unsuccessfully served in more traditional service systems. Integrated Clinical Solutions’personnel work with individuals and families utilizing the full range of available treatment modalities and dynamic clinical interventions. Philosophically, we are invested in providing flexible alternatives to individuals who require creative approaches to achieve success living in the community. We are not bound by a single philosophical approach; rather, our aim is to provide long-term solutions using sound clinical judgment, performance-based methodologies, and coordinated care strategies. The principals at Integrated Clinical Solutions have over 25-years experience providing assessment, treatment, consultation, and educational services to agencies, school systems, individuals and families in both community and institutional settings.

Seaside Education Associates has operated a wide array of professional development, assistive technology and quality assurance projects for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation and the U. S. Department of Education. Seaside Education Associates also provides consultation services to state agencies and non-profit organizations throughout Massachusetts. Seaside Education Associates offers person-centered assessment, information, and referral services related to technology recommendations, products, and environmental modifications that will assist individuals with disabilities in a variety of ways in their home and workplace.

Seven Hills Foundation and Affiliates will continue to be a preeminent leader and resource in the identification of unmet community needs; in the promotion of professional and compassionate models of service; and as an advocate of emerging public policy which exemplifies the dignity of all persons regardless of physical, social, or emotional condition.

Seven Hills Foundation welcomes your comments regarding services and supports currently offered as part of our continuum. We also welcome a conversation with you regarding concerns you may have in the areas of public policy or any lack of supports you perceive within your community.

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